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Marketing for Life Coaches, Health Coaches, Energy Healers, Spiritual Directors, and Ministers – Online and Off

I see the best in you. Then we share that with the world. 

Coaches are a dime a dozen these days. How do you make yourself one in a million?

You are The One. You know that. I know that. But does your next client know it? Let’s make sure they do!

You are changing lives. I can help you change even more!

If you are a coach or progressive minister who struggles with building a successful coaching practice that reaches more people for less effort, I can help you build an online marketing program to share your signature programs and products to change more lives and make more money.

  • Are you a life coach, health coach, minister, or spiritual director who specializes in life-changing books, programs, and products?
  • Do you want to reach more clients, sell more products, and maximize your presence in the world?
  • Can you readily share the greatness you see in others but have trouble sharing your own gifts, talents, and strengths?
  • Are you struggling to craft an authentic, honest, compelling message that communicates your heartfelt desire to make a difference?

If you want to make money transforming lives as a life coach or minister, you need effective marketing. The more clients you serve, the bigger difference you can make. And you deserve to be financially successful.

You have powerful work to get into the world, and I want to help you do that.

Having Donna Mosher as a coach and sounding board has made creating my latest website a fun endeavor! I trust Donna to take what she knows about my vision and marry it with what a web designer will need so I can get a website that is reflective of who I am. I have greater clarity for the services I offer to the world. This is increasing my opportunities to transform lives in meaningful ways.

– Sonya Nelson, Barbara Brennan energy practitioner and Ana Forrest yoga instructor.

  • Do you conduct events and tele-seminars, but cannot attract enough folks to make it successful?
  • Do you have interested prospects who say they cannot afford it, even though you are offering your product for too little?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed by all the ways you see to market and you don’t know what will work? Are you trying lots of FREE training and are overwhelmed by the options?
  • Do you keep trying to do it alone and it’s not working?

Let’s face it. The coaching business has changed over the last 10 years. Many coaches are using outdated moneymaking models. The Internet offers an explosion of competition now. Potential clients are savvy; they shop around to find a coach who is a perfect fit. There is a profusion of free content available online. Email open rates are down – to as little as 10%.

Marketing your coaching business effectively can spread your word, build your business, and fulfill your dreams. You can’t simply call yourself a “life coach,” a “health coach,” a “spiritual director.” You must have an authentic brand that communicates your unique expertise, talents, and abilities.

You can work less. Earn more. Make a bigger difference.

“I’m learning what my personal brand is and what I need to do to get clients to respond to my marketing message. In the first two weeks of our work together, Donna helped me understand how to write a compelling email that closed a significant deal.”

– Mike Smith

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How do you make yourself one in a million?

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