About Me

I’m Donna Mosher

I am a consciousness junkie. I love spiritual books, classes, and conferences… psychotherapy, energy healings, coaching sessions… psychic readings… astrology readings, even flower essences and essential oils. You name it – I dabble in it.

I am a believer in transformational consciousness work. I believe the work of life coaches, health coaches, ministers, spiritual practitioners, and energy healers changes lives. It certainly changed mine. Let me tell you how:

Not long ago, I needed every one of those resources when my relationship of a decade ended.

I called my minister, who has been my life coach for nearly twenty years. I asked a girlfriend to mix up a custom potion of flower essences. I called my psychic. (Make that two psychics!) I called on two energy healers to work their magic. I worked with my alternative health practitioner to relieve my depression. I got hypnosis. I went on a yoga retreat. I had a breathwork session. I even saw a therapist! (EMDR takes only one session, so it’s quick!) I spent three weeks with two extraordinary relationship coaches to clear the crap that got me to where I was.

All of this expertise cost a lot of money, but I needed help, and I got the best.

And it worked.

I underwent a renunciation of sorts. I sold my house. I gave away all my stuff. I moved in with a friend.

And then I moved to Maui. I experienced the most magnificent, magical year of my life on Maui. I worked intensively with some of the finest alternative health practitioners, intuitives, and consciousness advocates.

That year changed my life.

Now I’d like to help you change the lives of people like me.

May I Help You?

Now I bring my lifelong experience to benefit you:

  • A content marketing specialist
  • The former editor of two popular consciousness magazines (Spirituality & Health and Science of Mind)
  • A trained spiritual practitioner
  • A long-time coaching client, and
  • A book editor
I am passionate about helping folks share their work with the world. When I was a magazine editor, I loved bringing attention to people and causes that deserved widespread recognition. As a media producer in the ’80s, I worked to get worthy candidates – women and men I deeply believed in – elected to national office. As a PR and marketing professional, I’ve helped small business owners navigate the traditional and online worlds to reach more customers and build their businesses.

Learn what others are saying about our work together.

I would love to hear from you!

Contact me to learn how I can help you build your business and change more lives.


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