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I am a ghostwriter, book coach, and publishing consultant certified by California State Long Beach through a unique, demanding, and highly prestigious academic certification program that assures my clients they are working with—and investing in—a trained professional and book industry expert.

I’m also a marketing consultant. So I can help you write your book—and sell it!


se·gue: SEG-wā

A bridge; to transition smoothly from one state, condition, situation, or element to another.

I bring to my work an established career as an editor, writer, media producer, specialist in marketing and public relations, manager of publishing for an international spiritual organization, and a consultant and editor to non-fiction authors. My diverse assignments demonstrate my versatility and ability to dive deep into a range of areas, from alternative health, environmental issues, and spirituality to political affairs, wireless technology, and home interiors.

But that’s not what is most important. We can write just about any book together. What is important is how we work together. My gift is knowing what people want to read. When we first talk, we will be interviewing each other. We will work closely for at least six months. You may bare your heart and soul to me. And I will invest my heart and soul in your manuscript. You must trust me to know what will make your book great, and even a best seller. I have a knack for seeing the best in my clients and sharing that with the world.

A custom marketing plan, easy to implement, will get your books into readers’ hands. And while I urge my writers to write a book for benefits other than direct sales, specialty avenues can boost your return on investment. I know what those are, and we can find the ones that reach your readers.

I am passionate about helping folks share their work with the world. When I was a magazine editor, I loved bringing attention to people and causes that deserved widespread recognition. As a media producer for the Republican Party in the ’80s, I worked to get worthy candidates – women and men I deeply believed in – elected to national office. As a PR and marketing professional, I’ve helped small business owners navigate the traditional and online worlds to reach more customers and build their businesses.

I am eager to help you get your work into the world. If you are ready to write your book, make your mark, and leave a legacy, please call me today.

Donna Mosher
Owner and President
Segue Communications, Inc.


Working with Donna is absolutely delightful. The title she provided ranked 100% on the copywriter scale, giving us a real solid start to a best seller. We also benefited from her insider know-how that helped us better position the book in the marketplace on top of her editorial skills. Highly recommend working with Donna.

– Dawna Jones and Annie Snowbarger

From Hierarchy to High Performance

“Donna Mosher of Segue Communications has been awarded the Professional Certified Ghostwriter certificate from California State University Long Beach. This prestigious recognition is held by less than 100 ghostwriters around the world.”


I want to endorse with great pride Donna Mosher’s writing skill set and her management ability with a book she helped my co-author and me publish about divided government and split-ticket voting trends in the U.S. The material was complicated: Donna interviewed almost 200 Gallup Poll respondents; she then transcribed and edited all the many responses. She also conceptualized the many seminar discussions between the authors that structured the core themes in the book. We could not have published this book without her.

– V. Lance Tarrance

Checked and Balanced: How Ticket-Splitters Are Shaping
the New Balance of Power in American Politics
by V. Lance Tarrance Jr. and Walter De Vries,
Foreword by David Broder

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