How to Make a Book

Working with Donna has been a sheer delight. The ease at which she digs a little deeper, probing without being invasive; her profound insights; and her compassion have made working with her a highlight in my career. She made capturing our memoirs a wonderful experience.

– David Patient

How to Market Your Book

What I particularly appreciate about Donna is that she is truly an editorial collaborator. As a highly skilled and experienced editor, Donna is able to bring not only her wordsmithing and editing skills, but also the fresh eyes of a reader to help ensure that the content is delivered in the most logical, clean, distraction-free platform possible so that customers are best able to digest your content and your message.

I understand how some writers might feel the need to be penny-wise, but, sadly, that is often pound-foolish. To invest all of the time, energy, and resources in creating a book, then go cheap on an editor often results in a lesser end product. It’s like spending the money to go on a fancy European vacation, then be too cheap to buy tickets to key attractions like museums.

Finally, Donna’s knowledge of the publishing world and connections to book formatters and other helpful professionals saved me tons of time and money.

If you want to create a highly successful, readable book, I cannot recommend Donna Mosher highly enough!

– Jody Cohen

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