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I see the best in you, and then we share that with the world

Do you have a great idea you’ve been developing for years? Can others benefit from your business experience? Are people curious about your extraordinary career? Have colleagues, friends, and family been saying, “You need to write a book?”


Your book can establish you as an authority on your subject. You gain credibility. Your business gains credibility.

Your readers want to learn more about you. You want to leave a legacy for your family. But you are not a professional writer.

If YOU don’t want to write your book, you are not alone. It seems like everyone has a book in them these days. But not everyone can get a GOOD book out!

As many as half of all published books are ghostwritten. And for business books, that number is even higher.

As a formally trained, professional certified ghostwriter, I use an exclusive ghostwriting methodology to structure, drive, and polish your manuscript to top marketability standards.

I will:

  • Determine market positioning for your book with the tools used by publishers, agents, and booksellers
  • Identify the strengths that set your manuscript or book concept apart from all the others in the market
  • Uncover and remedy the hidden deal breakers that can cause readers and publishers to stop reading
  • Maintain your voice, intent, and perspective throughout all rewrites and edits
  • Line edit to polish the manuscript and increase reading pleasure
  • Maintain your confidentiality

How ghostwriting works:

Concept Development.

I simplify the development of your property (trade-speak for manuscript) with tools and processes that keep us on track and on deadline.

Structural Edit.

Poor manuscript structure is the number-one reason a manuscript is rejected by agents and publishers – and why readers stop reading. I will structure your content into a logical flow that eliminates repetition, information gaps, poor examples, content disruptions, and other “deal breakers.”


I start with the first draft. It includes everything you want to say. We get your information from your head – via your manuscript or interviews – into the computer. We don’t worry about marketability, fact checking, legal concerns, or other issues. In subsequent drafts, we fix all those pesky details. You review the chapter, and I rewrite it until you are happy with it. UNTIL YOU ARE HAPPY WITH IT! We follow the same process with each chapter until your book is written. Did I say you must be happy with it?

Line Edit.

This adds polish to the manuscript. I correct any redundancies, uncover any remaining content disruptions, and resolve any ongoing issues in the structure or the flow.

Final Edit.

I send the manuscript to another editor for a fresh set of eyes. This professional identifies and corrects any issues with sentence structure, grammar, punctuation, or style/coding issues.

Want my professional opinion first?

I can help you see what is right with your manuscript, show you where you can improve it, and offer suggestions you can implement to make your book marketable. In an analysis, I will:

  • Read your entire manuscript
  • Offer suggestions and advice throughout
  • Provide you a summary document that shares the strengths and where improvements may be made
  • Talk to you for up to three hours to make sure you get all the value I can offer

And I will do this without judgment! My promise to you: I see the best in you, and then we share that with the world.

If you want to hire me as your ghostwriter, the fee for the analysis will become part of the overall fee. If you want to do the work yourself or work with another editor, you will have a template and a plan to implement the improvements.

Your book is an investment.

Please don’t write a book for the money you might earn from sales. Write your book for the many related benefits and increased results it can generate for you.

Successful authors use their books to open doors. A book establishes you as a recognized leader or expert in your industry. You can get great speaking engagements. You can earn credibility with potential clients. You can increase the sales in your business. You can communicate complex or challenging concepts to customers in a way that clarifies your product or service. You can even charge more for your services.

We will agree on a fee once we discuss your project.

The personal connection between you and your ghostwriter is incredibly important! You want to find someone you trust and like! You will be spending a lot of time together, perhaps even sharing some intimate memories.

If you have something to say, and you want help saying it, please give me a call.

What others are saying about ghostwriting with Donna Mosher:

When I was told that I could very well not make it through the surgery I had to have in January (2015), I had about eight weeks to prepare myself. Part of that preparation was to look at any ‘unfinished business’ I had, including writing my professional memoir.

Make a Plan: Possibility and Empowerment in a Time of AIDS is an incredibly inspirational collage of stories of the people we have worked with over our 30 years in personal development, HIV/AIDS, public health and sustainable development.

Writing a book in eight weeks is no small feat. However, I had an incredible editor who would spend hours on Skype with me, every day, extracting stories and details I had long filed away. Donna L. Mosher, based in the USA, had the patience of a saint and would gently nudge my memory, nailing down specifics and details, as I laughed and often cried my way through the years of stories I had to tell. I read the first chapter she wrote of my book, and my immediate response was “You write like I talk!”

Working with Donna has been a sheer delight. The ease at which she digs a little deeper, probing without being invasive, her profound insights, and her compassion have made working with her a highlight in my career. She made capturing our memoirs a wonderful experience.

This book would never have happened without her tenacity, patience and eye for detail. I am truly indebted to her. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Donna.

– David Patient,

“I want to endorse with great pride Donna Mosher’s writing skill set and her management ability with a book she helped my co-author and me publish about divided government and split-ticket voting trends in the U.S. The material was complicated: Donna interviewed almost 200 Gallup Poll respondents; she then transcribed and edited all the many responses. She also conceptualized the many seminar discussions between the authors that structured the core themes in the book. Her name appears on the cover of our book because she earned it with her considerable skills. We could not have published this book without her.

– V. Lance Tarrance, Checked and Balanced: How Ticket-Splitters Are Shaping the New Balance of Power in American Politics by V. Lance Tarrance Jr. and Walter De Vries, Forward by David Broder

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