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Here are some clients I’m particularly proud of:

Sonya NelsonSonya Nelson – Sonya is a brilliant life coach, a masterful energy healer, and an awesome yoga instructor. She is changing lives as a certified facilitator for the work of Brene Brown (Daring Way, Rising Strong), as an advanced practitioner of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, and a Forrest yoga instructor. She does a bunch more – check out her website to see it all!

Dr Robert SonesDr. Robert Sones – Dr. Sones offers chiropractic care, using the BioEnergetic Synchronization Technique (BEST). He works with everything from pain relief to peak performance. Kids love him because his technique is gentle enough for babies! He is my personal chiropractor.

Wisdom Flow YogaWisdom Flow Yoga – Yoga instructor Jennifer Lynn revitalized her website and has been experiencing a beautiful increase in class attendance, new students, and a growing teacher training program. We spent many delightful hours brainstorming ideas for this website and for several successful traditional marketing efforts.

Authentic Woman


Authentic Woman – Veteran coach and minister Marsha Lehman has expanded her coaching practice to relationship coaching. She wanted a simple but wildly attractive website to intrigue her visitors and promote her programs and packages.

Michael Hane performs the Atlas Activation, a deep sub-occipital neck release that addresses chronic tension around the base of the skull and restores balance to the vital Atlas/Occipital joint at the top of the spine. Trained by his father, in the AtlasPROfilax methodology, only a few practitioners in the U.S. can perform this marvelous modality. Combined with his expertise in body and energy work, Michael has designed an integrated and unique system of supporting and elevating the whole being. Michael also trains passionate facilitators who want to expand their services and create greater change in people’s lives.

Chef Teton – Susan Teton Campbell teaches healthful raw, cooked, and cultured food preparation techniques. She sells extraordinary cooking videos in DVD format and through an online distribution program. Her new website presents her programs more effectively and makes purchasing her programs easier.

Conscious Dynamics? – A noted Houston meditation coach ready to expand her practice into the corporate world asked us for a site audit. I offered numerous ideas for improvement of the site itself, tips for search engine optimization, and ways to market herself competitively while positioning herself effectively in a surprisingly crowded business niche.

Blackwood Educational Land Institute? – Blackwood is an ecosystem and living classroom that inspires and teaches students of all ages to explore the natural web of life and to develop a healthy, respectful relationship with nature.

Gulf Coast Bioneers? – This annual Houston non-profit event needed compelling content, engaging information about programs and speakers, clear registration information, and timely updates. Segue Communications also conducted an ongoing email and social media campaign for the conference.

Teri Wilkinson – physical therapist
For years, Teri Wilkinson had dreamed of making a fitness video to help her clients achieve and maintain health. She called on me to make that happen. I produced the video and her website.


Donna is among the most creative and effective publishing professionals I have worked with. Her style is open and her standards are high. Her energy and intellect form a unique combination that is an advantage to any publishing enterprise. – Hervey Evans, magazine management consultant

I thoroughly enjoy collaborating with Donna. With her vast experience, I could easily be intimidated by her wealth of knowledge, but that simply isn’t the case. I feel like my ideas and objectives are welcomed and that Donna holds a sacred space for me to explore possibilities. She acts as both a sounding board and a potential client to give me feedback. Also, Donna is very skillful at feeling the essence of who I am and how I want to show myself to the world.  She helps me bring my brightest and most genuine self forward, so people may have an experience of me and be enticed to find out more about my services. – Sonya Nelson, Barbara Brennan energy practitioner and Ana Forrest yoga instructor.

Donna Mosher is my longtime friend, sister, and fellow sojourner in Expanded Consciousness. She is the quintessential professional, and a deeply spiritual and enlightened one as well. She is a prolific writer, advisor, encourager, connector, and confidant. If you believe in possibilities and want a genuine compadre, Donna needs to be on it for sure. You won’t regret it. – Bishop Carlton Pearson

Donna is a caring and competent professional with a gift for body, mind, and spirit nutritional writing. – Ann Louise Gittleman, NY Times Award Winning Author of 30 books on detox, health, and healing

Donna is more than an amazing editor with an enormous talent for the written word.  She is a true partner is the book creation process who goes above and beyond helping to research and validate information and enhance the content.  She generously shares her impressive Rolodex to help with everything from book formatting to celebrity connections for writing a forward.  I cannot recommend Donna highly enough!  She served as both a trusted sounding board and tireless cheerleader on this project! – Jodi Cohen, Vibrant Blue Essential Oils

Working with Donna has been a sheer delight. The ease at which she digs a little deeper, probing without being invasive; her profound insights and her compassion have made working with her a highlight in my career. She made capturing our memoirs a wonderful experience. I have enjoyed the whole process, and I hope that we can collaborate on other works in the future. – David Patient, DavidPatient.com

Donna is detail oriented, highly organized, and a great communicator. Full of ideas, energy, and enthusiasm, she has provided excellent support and recommendations to help me grow my business. – Mira Dessy, author, The Pantry Principle: How to read the label and understand what’s really in your food

Donna Mosher has been an editor for my writing for the last fourteen years. She is precise, efficient, accurate, and freshly creative. Her editing rates are reasonable, and she throws in some wonderfully enthusiastic cheerleading for free. – Rev. Marsha Lehman, M.Ed., MA

Donna Mosher always comes to my rescue. And she does that before I even know I need to be rescued. How does she do that? She asks the right questions, gets to the heart of the matter, and comes back with the answer. Not with just an idea, or a tactic, or a budget, or a plan. The answer. How does she do that? Intuitive, thoughtful, and responsive, Donna Mosher gives a whole new meaning to the creative process. I just want to know…how does she do that? – Pam Carter?, Synergy Marketing Associates, Inc.

I have known Donna for many years and consider her an essential resource regarding my marketing. She is creative, easy to work with, dependable, and of the highest integrity. I value our relationship and look forward to working with her in the future. – Robert Sones, D.C., ?DrSones.com

Donna is a highly valued partner for anyone seeking to enhance his/her message on any topic. And she is professionally gentle about it. The report, proposal, media copy, crucial letter or other such important written materials you produce will be considerably more effective if you employ Donna’s help. – Kermit Black, Executive Development Mentor

Donna excels because she uses her fine-tuned creativity and diverse imagination to generously give the client unsolicited ideas that add great value to one’s work, whether it is writing, creating, or editing communications and promotional/marketing materials. – Ray Anthony?, President, Anthony Innovation Group

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